Monthly Archives: February 2014

The Your Headshot Logo – behind the scenes

The finished logo of Your Headshot. Evoking memories of the Bristol logo of yesteryear with a modern vintage style

Your Headshot was set up to turn the tide on generic headshots – whether for individuals or businesses. As a creative business, one of the first things we thought about after the basic plan was the look of the business.

We talked to local art director Tim Sutcliffe whose professional work includes campaigns for Alzheimers Research and Camelot. Tim is an accomplished artist and his artwork of local buildings grace homes and businesses across the city. (There’s a good selection on show at ‘didn’t you do well’ my favourite coffee house in Bristol) Or you can see more at his website here.

We talked about the brand values and the location. One thing that stood out is the sense of place – Although we travel all over we are physically based in Bristol. Bristol has a long history and was recently voted the best city in the UK to live. If there was a way of conveying a sense of place in the logo we wanted to give it a try.

Tim came up with the fantastic, hand drawn logo above. For those in Bristol they may recognise the homage to the old Bristol buses logo and for those with no knowledge of that it has a cool vintage look about it. Win, win!

Here’s the old Bristol logo we were paying homage to.

We are both very happy with the results and Your Headshot has a versatile logo with longevity. Thanks Tim!