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Character headshot

A character headshot can be an important part of your portfolio

A character headshot is a useful image to have in your folio. Don’t feel limited by headshots you’ve seen in the past.

We also shoot images that produce a character headshot to remember. Not only does it demonstrate your versatility but it can also arrest the viewer immediately when it sparks a memory. As demonstrated above by this Walter White style portrait of Tony shot earlier this year.

Tony is one of the nicest people you could possibly meet. He is engaging, thoughtful and cares about his craft. He is nothing like Walter White.

Armed only with a Blu-Ray cover of Breaking Bad and a knowledge of lighting we turned Tony from a gentleman into a menacing villain. As Vince Gilligan himself puts it, we turned him from Mr Chips into Scarface.

A character portrait can work with anyone. Here’s one that is completely different.

Young Mr B is very proud of his first ever England rugby shirt. Having just finished after school rugby training and him really, really wanting to capture the moment that’s what I did. Difficult to ignore the incisive arguments of a 6 year old! >> “Please can we? Please? I won’t get dirt everywhere. Honest.”

Dad (me) added some extra mud for effect!

Why not talk to us before the shoot about a particular shot you’d like to achieve? We can then organise a slot within the shoot to make it happen.

Get ahead, get a headshot from us. We are Head and Shoulders above the Rest™


Flourish wanted distinctive head shots that were a bit 1960s

Your Headshot. Shooting exceptional headshots that are Head and Shoulders above the rest™

Flourish are a distinctive, independent, award winning agency based in Bristol. They are known for their digital and direct marketing. Clients like Samsung, the NSPCC and Uniliever work with Flourish because they have a pragmatic and creative approach to producing campaigns for them.

They were looking for some corporate head shots with a difference. I suggested a series of images based on some of the outstanding photographers from the 1960s. The kind of black and white portraits made by David Bailey, Terence Donovan, Brian Duffy et al.

They said ‘yes please’ straight away.

Having packed up the studio into the car I made my way to Flourish HQ in the centre of Bristol. (They definitely have one of the best views in Bristol from their 11th floor offices.) I set up shop in one of their meeting rooms and shot each member of staff separately during the course of the day. I also asked people to bring in something that somehow represented them. I also shot them with that item. Whilst none of those quirkier, individual images made their corporate website, a number of staff used them as personal social media profile pics.

Here are a selection of images:


Your Headshot would like to provide you with distinctive, exceptional headshots. Please get in touch and we can talk about how to make your website more individual and help you to stand out.

Headshot website

Headshot website, Showcase landing page for Your Headshot

Our nice new headshot website is now live on the internet.

Obviously we love it – what do think?

Here’s our thinking…..

We wanted an uber cool ‘one page’ website simply because they are, er, uber cool at the moment. *ticks box*

We didn’t want it to look like all those template sites that are currently out there – you know the ones…. A pre-made website template that you populate with your content. They are easy BUT, all websites start looking the same. We didn’t want that. *ticks box*

We were super keen to have one of those cool new HTML5 responsive sites that work on all devices and change size and shape depending on whether you are viewing on a phone, tablet, desktop, landscape or portrait. *ticks box*

We wanted to incorporate a blog for news, updates and photos. *ticks box*

We wanted it to be easy to navigate. *ticks box*

We did want as much information as possible available, enabling people to make an informed choice. *ticks box*
(We did add some sneaky extra pages to enable this, we don’t think this distracts from the overall ‘one page’ design)

We wanted to be easy to contact. *ticks box* (see floating contact button.)

We realised that case studies would help people understand the quality of our work. *ticks box*

We wanted to have it ‘made’ locally to us in Bristol by an independent supplier *ticks box* (go here for the website of our developer Lee Griffin) Thanks Lee!

In fact it ticks all our boxes and gives what we think is the coolest headshot website – showcasing our exceptional headshots – around. It also proves you can design and build creative, distinctive sites to showcase your work without having to look too far afield.

Book a session with us to find out how we can help you be ‘Head and Shoulders above the Rest™’