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Emma Jenkinson was great to photograph

Photograph of Emma Jenkinson by Your Headshot, a Bristol based photography company specialising in headshot that are 'Head and Shoulders above the rest.'

Emma Jenkinson is great to photograph. You can find her website here Emma Jenkinson She is collaborative, full of ideas, able to run with our ideas too. Best of all looks fabulous in the photos we shot together.
As a presenter, MC & event commentator Emma brings an infectious and versatile personality to her projects. My task was to try and capture some of that sparkle in a photograph. We both think the shoot was a success!

Emma came to me in South Bristol. We started with a quick cuppa and a look through some outfits whilst we considered the looks to photograph. Once the outfits and scenarios were decided we began to shoot.

Starting in the studio with a classic headshot setup we began to capture the aforementioned sparkle against a white background. Take a look…

We spent some time getting that look right and even took some time, dare I say it, to have a bit of fun.

We then moved onto photograph something with more context. By removing the white background and shooting into the kitchen area we achieved some photographs that look like they were shot on at a recording studio or somewhere similar. A completely different look but done without moving anywhere.

When we’d finished with the microphone and associated props we chose to lose all the studio lights and to photograph against the window, with only natural light. Again, a completely different look achieved with a minimum of fuss. Versatility is key when shooting images like this.

Then it was time for some more natural light, this time against a white wall. Again, Emma was able to adapt quickly and we got some more strong, usable images full of personality.

After a quick “interview” style set up (see below) we moved outside.

At the parkland next door there’s lots of water and we utilised that for our outdoor looks. The local kids were fascinated by it all and couldn’t stop asking questions. Being a true professional Emma carried on without missing a beat whilst answering all their queries.

And then we were done. Over 2 hours of shooting, multiple setups, natural light, flashlight, mixed light and different locations resulted in a strong set of headshots that we believe really are Head and Shoulders above the rest.