We also shoot distinctive photographs of children

One of the rites of passage for children is losing your 'milk' teeth.

Things are done differently here at Your Headshot.

Of course, the obvious ‘rules’ still apply – we still want you to be happy, your children to be happy, to produce dynamic images and for you to end up with something memorable. (If only to remind you of those fleeting years when your children still did as you asked and weren’t always trying to borrow your car, borrow your wallet and sleep in until mid afternoon.)

That is why I’ve taken a different approach from a lot of the ‘High street’ offerings.

(I don’t know about you but we quickly got bored of the cheap as chips ‘shoot experiences’ that, combined with the hard sell afterwards, left you feeling a bit like this)

Steam coming out of my ears. Angry children can often be depicted this way

I choose to shoot images that aren’t just on white backgrounds. (I can of course do this and I’ve really nailed that 1960s grainy black and white studio look that no-one else seems to know how to do properly – that’s a different blog post!). I try and shoot images that have meaning. That look like there may be a story to go with it. Something that engages your children, draws them out and produces naturalistic images that they too will love and cherish.

Being a parent myself means I understand the challenges of photographing something that rarely sits still or cares about what you’re trying to do. However, my son is patient and will do almost anything to earn extra “my very own Playstation4 controller” points.

Here are some example photographs taken with him that eschew the studio ascetic and embrace a more dynamic approach.

Why not dress them up as their favourite character? Here is the Matt Smith incarnation of Doctor Who……

Children love dressing up as their favourite TV character

or how about a new activity that they are learning…….

Learning to Mountain Bike presents many new challenges for children

or one that terrifies the mums but the boys absolutely love…….

Car park jump Don't try this at home! Children may be fearless but some things are best left to photoshop

You can of course mystify the grandparents whilst enjoying your child dressed up as Walter White from Breaking Bad…..

Breaking Bad, aged 6. Sometimes parents dress up their children and the children have no idea what is going on

or, you can just enjoy an evocative childhood moment that will now last forever. This is my sons first den!

Maintaining a 'den' is an important business. Children have vivid imaginations and building a den encourages this


We are, of course, gender neutral, and will produce excellent, quality images of girls too.

The same terms apply for this style of image as for the regular Headshot aspect of the business. You will receive a link to a gallery from which to choose your favourite half dozen. Those final choices will be worked on and tweaked to ensure you have the best quality digital files you can get. You will then be able to download then and store them for your own personal use.

PLEASE NOTE: If and when you get prints/products made from your images we cannot be held responsible for poor quality prints or poor quality products produced by third parties. Whilst we absolutely won’t do a ‘hard sell’ at any point during your time with us we would recommend you think very hard about where to get your prints/products from.

We have a great relationship with a photo lab in Scotland that recently won ‘Lab of the year’. We agree with that award, they are truly excellent and have a vast range of prints and products for you to choose from. We’d love it if you talked to us first before you make any decisions on where to get your products/prints made.

Get in touch and we can start to organise a memorable shoot for you and your children 🙂