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Actor Joe chooses Your Headshot for his updated images

Classic Headshot of actor Joe

Actor Joe needed some up to date, strong headshots to promote himself. He chose us because of the strong imagery on our easy to use website!

In the weeks leading up to the shoot we had some email exchanges to discuss the style of images and the sort of looks he was after. Actor Joe arrived at our location one weekend morning and after looking at the clothes he’d brought, we made our choices and then started with a classic looking headshot. Take a look.

Actor Joe

Heres another. Again it’s a classic against white and Joe looks engaged, warm, approachable and happy.

Actor Joe

Once we’d got a classic we changed the backdrop, added some gels to the lights and tried something a little different. Here’s one from that setup.

Gelled headshots

Keeping the black backdrop and trying to show some versatility in Joes images we shot some moodier headshots. Acting is about playing different parts and an actor needs to be able to show they can offer other looks apart from their own!

Contrasty, moody headshot

Joe was also keen to do some body shots. He keeps fit and another string to the bow of an actor is their physique. Here are some examples.

Moody and contrasty headshot

leaning against a wall

We took a break during the session whilst Joe had a shave and went for a haircut. This is before:

Headshot against black

And this is after:

Actor Joe against white

We moved out of the studio setting for a final few shots. The carpark stairs in the complex became our location. We started with him sitting on the stairs:

Sitting on steps

And then we moved to a slightly different space and went with a wider lens to show more context.

Urban headshot

Images finished we went our separate ways. The images were processed, Joe chose his 6 favourites (included in the package) and they’re already gracing the pages of acting websites.


Good luck Joe, we think you’ll be a big star.


Want images like this? Call us and book a session today. We are Head and Shoulders above the rest!



The Headshot Express from Your Headshot

Headshot Express. Winter daylight can be the best for beautiful, natural light portraits

Did you know we offer a Headshot Express™ service?

It offers the same great image quality and the same great service but all done in less than an hour.

Do you have limited time? This is perfect.

Do you want to update just a couple of shots? This is perfect.

Are you on a tight budget? This is for you.

We’ve nicknamed it the 50/50 session. 50 minutes with us for £50.

In that time you can still have time to change your outfit and we can also change our background. 2 different looks, 2 great final images and, crucially, all done within an hour.

We will upload the best images to a secure gallery for you to make your choice from. Once you have chosen your images from the Headshot Express™ session we will tweak them if necessary and send you a link where you can download your high resolution images for your personal promotional needs.

The Headshot Express™ Get in touch to find out more.

Your Headshot. Head and shoulders above the rest.

Emma Jenkinson was great to photograph

Photograph of Emma Jenkinson by Your Headshot, a Bristol based photography company specialising in headshot that are 'Head and Shoulders above the rest.'

Emma Jenkinson is great to photograph. You can find her website here Emma Jenkinson She is collaborative, full of ideas, able to run with our ideas too. Best of all looks fabulous in the photos we shot together.
As a presenter, MC & event commentator Emma brings an infectious and versatile personality to her projects. My task was to try and capture some of that sparkle in a photograph. We both think the shoot was a success!

Emma came to me in South Bristol. We started with a quick cuppa and a look through some outfits whilst we considered the looks to photograph. Once the outfits and scenarios were decided we began to shoot.

Starting in the studio with a classic headshot setup we began to capture the aforementioned sparkle against a white background. Take a look…

We spent some time getting that look right and even took some time, dare I say it, to have a bit of fun.

We then moved onto photograph something with more context. By removing the white background and shooting into the kitchen area we achieved some photographs that look like they were shot on at a recording studio or somewhere similar. A completely different look but done without moving anywhere.

When we’d finished with the microphone and associated props we chose to lose all the studio lights and to photograph against the window, with only natural light. Again, a completely different look achieved with a minimum of fuss. Versatility is key when shooting images like this.

Then it was time for some more natural light, this time against a white wall. Again, Emma was able to adapt quickly and we got some more strong, usable images full of personality.

After a quick “interview” style set up (see below) we moved outside.

At the parkland next door there’s lots of water and we utilised that for our outdoor looks. The local kids were fascinated by it all and couldn’t stop asking questions. Being a true professional Emma carried on without missing a beat whilst answering all their queries.

And then we were done. Over 2 hours of shooting, multiple setups, natural light, flashlight, mixed light and different locations resulted in a strong set of headshots that we believe really are Head and Shoulders above the rest.

Chesca, from Bristol

Bristol based model Chesca shot for Your Headshot

Chesca is a model from Bristol represented by Gingersnap. Having recently hired White Space Studios in central Bristol when shooting a commercial job I was chatting to both Charlene and Clare from Gingersnap and we agreed they’d send me some models in need of new head shots.

Chesca was on her summer break from school when we met and spent half a day shooting a range of different looks.

We photographed in the studio and around our base in South Bristol. As you can see we achieved quite a few distinctive looks in the short time we had together.

It gave us the opportunity to use many of our Elinchrom lightshapers, from the large 5ft Octa to the Eco ring flash <– We love the versatility of Elinchrom and their system. Consequently we have a lot of their gear. It gives us confidence knowing we can rely on high quality equipment whilst offering the widest range of lighting techniques for our clients.

If you’d like to have your headshots by us we’d love to talk to you and book a session in. We strongly believe we are head and shoulders above the rest!


Coaching & Collaborative headshots, Bristol.

An example of a collaborative headshot, Bristol

If you’re looking for great headshots, Bristol is a brilliant place to have them done. This vibrant, picturesque city is a great base for shooting. Good transport links and a compact size mean getting in and out of the city, sightseeing and grabbing something great to eat is easy. However, none of that is worth anything if you travel here and don’t get a great headshot too!

That’s where we come in. It’s what we do. We shoot exceptional headshots.

Everyone has a camera these days but not everyone is a photographer.
If everyone was a photographer then heck, why not get your mate to snap a pic of you on their phone? In fact, leave your mate out of it and shoot a selfie.
Of course, we shout “NO! PLEASE DON’T” to that kind of thinking. Why? Well, read on……..

Life seems to be littered with what we think are detrimental phrases. ‘That’ll do’, ‘it’s good enough’, ‘my mate’ll do it for nothing’. Those words reek of compromise, of giving in, of not caring. Why would we do that to ourselves? Why would we settle for less than excellence when our career may be at stake?
In business our image is hugely important as we are the face of the brand we represent. Or in the case of actors and models you ARE the brand you represent.

Your Headshot represents values like quality, value, excellence, integrity and good old fashioned great photography. We see so much mediocre work that we are beginning to wonder whether people don’t know what a good photograph is anymore……..until they see one. Then, BANG, they realise what they are missing. We believe we are the missing link!

We don’t strive for the ordinary, we don’t want ‘meh’, we run from ‘good enough’, we don’t think ‘that’ll do’, we shoot ’til we’ve got it. No compromise!

We will help you achieve what you need. That’s where our coaching and collaboration comes in.
We don’t just want you to turn up, give us a strained, artificial smile that we record for you and then you leave. We will help you understand how to look good, what the best light is or the best angle. We don’t want just one shot. We want lots!
We want to see you warm, confident, approachable, professional and friendly. Where appropriate (particularly for actors) we want to see a darker side too. One that is perhaps menacing, or sexy, or cocky, or sophisticated. Don’t worry if this is all new, we take it slow and coach you all the way.

Don’t leave your headshot to chance, to your mate, to your phone. Let a professional coach you through a collaborative photo session where you will leave confident that you stand above your competitors. We didn’t chose ‘Head and Shoulders above the Rest™’ for nothing you know!

Carrie-Anne wanted to be ‘Head and shoulders above the rest™’

Carrie-Anne Lewis for Your Headshot. Head and Shoulders above the rest™ Email: moreinfo@yourheadshot.

Carrie Ann is an actor. Your Headshot was recommended to her so she got in touch.

To fit around her work commitments we found a weekend slot that suited us and she arrived at Your Headshot on a cold, dreary weekend morning. (Yes, we can shoot weekends – by arrangement only)

After having selected various tops for her to wear we started the headshot session in the studio with some relaxed corporate  style images.

We managed to nail some great shots outside, despite the sudden downpour 5 minutes into the outdoor session. Having such versatile grounds just 30 seconds from the studio has its benefits.  Here are a couple of examples.

After drying off we resumed inside, with some classic head shots against white.

Then we tried for some more relaxed, fun images using RingFlash. Ringflash has had many moments in the, er, spotlight. It was fashionable in the 70s the 90s and can still be seen gracing shoots that appear on the fashion pages of glossy magazines. It creates a distinctive, shadowless look on  the face of the subject yet, if they are placed close enough to a wall, creates an even shadow ‘outline’ around them.

After the shoot Carrie Ann was able to select her favourites via a secure online gallery. We did our regular tweaks on her chosen headshots and following her request also did professional black and white conversions.

We believe we offer exceptional quality headshots, fantastic customer focussed service and great value whilst using industry leading equipment. Why not get in touch with yourheadshot today to kick start your career? We really do want to put you ‘Head and Shoulders above the rest™’



We also shoot distinctive photographs of children

One of the rites of passage for children is losing your 'milk' teeth.

Things are done differently here at Your Headshot.

Of course, the obvious ‘rules’ still apply – we still want you to be happy, your children to be happy, to produce dynamic images and for you to end up with something memorable. (If only to remind you of those fleeting years when your children still did as you asked and weren’t always trying to borrow your car, borrow your wallet and sleep in until mid afternoon.)

That is why I’ve taken a different approach from a lot of the ‘High street’ offerings.

(I don’t know about you but we quickly got bored of the cheap as chips ‘shoot experiences’ that, combined with the hard sell afterwards, left you feeling a bit like this)

I choose to shoot images that aren’t just on white backgrounds. (I can of course do this and I’ve really nailed that 1960s grainy black and white studio look that no-one else seems to know how to do properly – that’s a different blog post!). I try and shoot images that have meaning. That look like there may be a story to go with it. Something that engages your children, draws them out and produces naturalistic images that they too will love and cherish.

Being a parent myself means I understand the challenges of photographing something that rarely sits still or cares about what you’re trying to do. However, my son is patient and will do almost anything to earn extra “my very own Playstation4 controller” points.

Here are some example photographs taken with him that eschew the studio ascetic and embrace a more dynamic approach.

Why not dress them up as their favourite character? Here is the Matt Smith incarnation of Doctor Who……

or how about a new activity that they are learning…….

or one that terrifies the mums but the boys absolutely love…….

You can of course mystify the grandparents whilst enjoying your child dressed up as Walter White from Breaking Bad…..

or, you can just enjoy an evocative childhood moment that will now last forever. This is my sons first den!


We are, of course, gender neutral, and will produce excellent, quality images of girls too.

The same terms apply for this style of image as for the regular Headshot aspect of the business. You will receive a link to a gallery from which to choose your favourite half dozen. Those final choices will be worked on and tweaked to ensure you have the best quality digital files you can get. You will then be able to download then and store them for your own personal use.

PLEASE NOTE: If and when you get prints/products made from your images we cannot be held responsible for poor quality prints or poor quality products produced by third parties. Whilst we absolutely won’t do a ‘hard sell’ at any point during your time with us we would recommend you think very hard about where to get your prints/products from.

We have a great relationship with a photo lab in Scotland that recently won ‘Lab of the year’. We agree with that award, they are truly excellent and have a vast range of prints and products for you to choose from. We’d love it if you talked to us first before you make any decisions on where to get your products/prints made.

Get in touch and we can start to organise a memorable shoot for you and your children 🙂





Character headshot

A character headshot can be an important part of your portfolio

A character headshot is a useful image to have in your folio. Don’t feel limited by headshots you’ve seen in the past.

We also shoot images that produce a character headshot to remember. Not only does it demonstrate your versatility but it can also arrest the viewer immediately when it sparks a memory. As demonstrated above by this Walter White style portrait of Tony shot earlier this year.

Tony is one of the nicest people you could possibly meet. He is engaging, thoughtful and cares about his craft. He is nothing like Walter White.

Armed only with a Blu-Ray cover of Breaking Bad and a knowledge of lighting we turned Tony from a gentleman into a menacing villain. As Vince Gilligan himself puts it, we turned him from Mr Chips into Scarface.

A character portrait can work with anyone. Here’s one that is completely different.

Young Mr B is very proud of his first ever England rugby shirt. Having just finished after school rugby training and him really, really wanting to capture the moment that’s what I did. Difficult to ignore the incisive arguments of a 6 year old! >> “Please can we? Please? I won’t get dirt everywhere. Honest.”

Dad (me) added some extra mud for effect!

Why not talk to us before the shoot about a particular shot you’d like to achieve? We can then organise a slot within the shoot to make it happen.

Get ahead, get a headshot from us. We are Head and Shoulders above the Rest™