Coaching & Collaborative headshots, Bristol.

An example of a collaborative headshot, Bristol

If you’re looking for great headshots, Bristol is a brilliant place to have them done. This vibrant, picturesque city is a great base for shooting. Good transport links and a compact size mean getting in and out of the city, sightseeing and grabbing something great to eat is easy. However, none of that is worth anything if you travel here and don’t get a great headshot too!

That’s where we come in. It’s what we do. We shoot exceptional headshots.

Everyone has a camera these days but not everyone is a photographer.
If everyone was a photographer then heck, why not get your mate to snap a pic of you on their phone? In fact, leave your mate out of it and shoot a selfie.
Of course, we shout “NO! PLEASE DON’T” to that kind of thinking. Why? Well, read on……..

Life seems to be littered with what we think are detrimental phrases. ‘That’ll do’, ‘it’s good enough’, ‘my mate’ll do it for nothing’. Those words reek of compromise, of giving in, of not caring. Why would we do that to ourselves? Why would we settle for less than excellence when our career may be at stake?
In business our image is hugely important as we are the face of the brand we represent. Or in the case of actors and models you ARE the brand you represent.

Your Headshot represents values like quality, value, excellence, integrity and good old fashioned great photography. We see so much mediocre work that we are beginning to wonder whether people don’t know what a good photograph is anymore……..until they see one. Then, BANG, they realise what they are missing. We believe we are the missing link!

We don’t strive for the ordinary, we don’t want ‘meh’, we run from ‘good enough’, we don’t think ‘that’ll do’, we shoot ’til we’ve got it. No compromise!

We will help you achieve what you need. That’s where our coaching and collaboration comes in.
We don’t just want you to turn up, give us a strained, artificial smile that we record for you and then you leave. We will help you understand how to look good, what the best light is or the best angle. We don’t want just one shot. We want lots!
We want to see you warm, confident, approachable, professional and friendly. Where appropriate (particularly for actors) we want to see a darker side too. One that is perhaps menacing, or sexy, or cocky, or sophisticated. Don’t worry if this is all new, we take it slow and coach you all the way.

Don’t leave your headshot to chance, to your mate, to your phone. Let a professional coach you through a collaborative photo session where you will leave confident that you stand above your competitors. We didn’t chose ‘Head and Shoulders above the Restâ„¢’ for nothing you know!