Headshot website

Headshot website, Showcase landing page for Your Headshot

Our nice new headshot website is now live on the internet.

Obviously we love it – what do think?

Here’s our thinking…..

We wanted an uber cool ‘one page’ website simply because they are, er, uber cool at the moment. *ticks box*

We didn’t want it to look like all those template sites that are currently out there – you know the ones…. A pre-made website template that you populate with your content. They are easy BUT, all websites start looking the same. We didn’t want that. *ticks box*

We were super keen to have one of those cool new HTML5 responsive sites that work on all devices and change size and shape depending on whether you are viewing on a phone, tablet, desktop, landscape or portrait. *ticks box*

We wanted to incorporate a blog for news, updates and photos. *ticks box*

We wanted it to be easy to navigate. *ticks box*

We did want as much information as possible available, enabling people to make an informed choice. *ticks box*
(We did add some sneaky extra pages to enable this, we don’t think this distracts from the overall ‘one page’ design)

We wanted to be easy to contact. *ticks box* (see floating contact button.)

We realised that case studies would help people understand the quality of our work. *ticks box*

We wanted to have it ‘made’ locally to us in Bristol by an independent supplier *ticks box* (go here for the website of our developer Lee Griffin) Thanks Lee!

In fact it ticks all our boxes and gives what we think is the coolest headshot website – showcasing our exceptional headshots – around. It also proves you can design and build creative, distinctive sites to showcase your work without having to look too far afield.

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