What to expect?

The shoot

The photographers at Your Headshot will shoot as much as possible in 2 hours of photography time. However, as we don’t clock watch, please let us know if you’re on a strict schedule. (If you choose to add hair and make up to your package, you will need to factor in extra time).

Depending on your individual needs and purposes, and the outfits and accessories you bring, we will shoot a range of styles, enhancing your look whilst making sure the real you shines through. There’s not necessarily a limit on the number of shots we take – we shoot until we know we have ‘it’. (Please note: There may be short breaks in the session as we reset or change the lighting and you change your look).

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The selected images will be uploaded to a secure password protected gallery on the Your Headshot website, where you can review and ask others for their opinions, making your final choices before processing (or retouching, if requested).

What to wear?

We recommend bringing at least 5 to 10 different tops, as we primarily shoot headshots. Take into consideration:

  • Comfort – you have to feel comfortable, and enjoy wearing it
  • Variety – some colours may appear more photogenic
  • Patterns – some patterns can be distracting
  • The seasons – bring summer and winter clothes, so we can shoot for both
  • Uniqueness – bring a hat, or favourite soft toy to make your shot more fun!
  • Women, it’s good to bring a strappy top or strapless bra if we shoot bare shoulders
  • Men, don’t forget a classic white vest can look great!

What are the costs?

The shoot, as described above, costs £135 for an individual. This includes digital access to high-resolution files and the standard tweaks all digital images need.

Your online gallery (after our post session edit) will include up to 75 images, from which you can choose your final 6 that will be tweaked or retouched.

Additional images cost £20 each, with retouching included in the cost. Professional black and white conversions are £5.00 per image.

Once your final choices have been made, tweaked and approved by the photographer, they’re uploaded to your gallery. You will receive a link, via email, letting you download them in a number of different sizes, for different media.

If you have to provide an image at a particular size or resolution, please do let us know and for a nominal fee of just £3.00 per image, we can undertake bespoke resizing for you. Alternatively, we can offer advice on resizing to ensure you lose none of the quality.